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In-Home Services

Often, patients have difficulty getting to our office. We offer complete hearing testing and hearing aid services directly in your home or extended care facility. Our audiologist, Dr. Lawless, will travel directly to you to test your hearing and fit hearing aids if needed.

There is a round trip travel charge for mileage ($.60 per mile) and an in-home or facility consultation fee of $50 payable at the time of our visit. Insurance will not cover these expenses. However, many patients find it is less expensive than having family members lose work in order to bring them to the office.

If your family members are unable to be present for the in home appointment, we also offer as an additional service the ability to Skype your appointment to your relatives so that they can monitor what is happening during the appointment. This requires either the ability to connect at your home through the internet or for us to be able to access our AT&T wireless service from your home. It also requires your relative to have internet or wireless access and to have the Skype app on their phone or computer. None of this is required, but is rather offered as an added benefit if desired and there is no charge for this service.

Finally, you may wish to make sure your ears are clear of earwax before making an appointment for us to test you in your home or extended care facility. We can often remove this at the time of the appointment, but there is an additional charge of $75 if that is needed. Sometimes it is necessary to make several visits to remove ear wax before testing can be completed and there will be charges for travel for each visit. Having your family doctor or the nurse at your facility check your ears for wax first can avoid these complications.

You can arrange for these at home services by calling Dr. Lawless at 859-227-7192.