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Custom Earmolds and Earplugs


We provide earmolds to use with standard behind-the-ear hearing aids. An impression will be made of your ear using silicon and this is sent to the earmold manufacturer to make a custom earmold.

We also provide replacement of earmold tubing. This tubing should be changed every six to twelve months to prevent tubing hardening. Waiting too long to replace the tubing can result in the tubing splitting and breaking, leaving you without your hearing aid until it can be replaced.


Significant permanent damage to your hearing can result from exposure to loud sounds. Earplugs are often used by those who work in loud noise or who have hobbies that involve exposure to loud noise, such as hunting and playing in a band. 

We can provide custom earplugs that meet your needs for protection of your hearing. An earmold impression is taking using silicon and this is used to make earplugs that fit comfortably.

We can use the same method to make earplugs to use when swimming if you have persistent swimmer’s ear or have Pressure equalization (PE) tubes placed in your eardrums.